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Apps are combined to create valuable solutions

Off-the-shelve or bespoke apps allow you to connect with your machines, IT-systems, support your workers in their daily taks and automate workflows across machines and operators on the shop-floor.

Machine Connectivity

Read/write access to machines, sensors, robots.

Autonomous Transports

Automatically move goods and materials.

Machine Intelligence

Increase machine productivity and flexibility.

Worker Assistance

Assist workers throughout task completion.

Production Control

Manage processes and resources in real-time.

Multi-Machine Automation

Orchestrate complex cells and lines.


Intelligently control the flow of materials.

Quality Assurance

Increase quality with smart quality inspections

Dashboard and Analytics

Extract real-time insights from data.

Software Integration

Connect to ERP, PLM, databases or similar

Cloud Connectivity

Push or pull data from and to the cloud.


Identify and trace products on the shop-floor.

One platform, infinite possibilities

Factories can do a lot better by digitizing collaboration
Digital collaboration on the shop-floor offers the ability to fundamentally change how factories operate today. Read on to learn more about what this means and how Actyx helps factories to capture this opportunity.
December Hackathon at the SmartFactoryOWL
SmartFactoryOWL hosted an industry hackathon with Actyx to evaluate a new peer-to-peer communication approach to inter-machine factory automation, replacing the high-level coordination functions traditionally performed by overlaid PLCs.
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