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Apps built on Actyx

A wide range of apps and use-cases have been built on ActyxOS. Some are generic, some are specialized, but all translate into higher productivity, better quality and less downtime.

Contract Filling 4.0 at CTA GmbH

CTA, a contract filling company located near Stuttgart, Germany, fully digitised production and logistics processes with the Actyx platform. Material movements are intuitively tracked on modern mobile scanner apps, improving inventory accuracy and in turn reducing machine downtimes due to missing material. Data of the filling machines is collected in real-time, and order progress reported by operators through mobile tablet apps. The resulting transparency allows to accurately track order progress, quickly identify delays and problems, and continuously improve performance based on data-driven insights.

digital repair and maintenance processes at peri group

PERI digitized its repair and maintenance processes at production sites across Europe, and North & South America. Workers can intuitvely report data on performed work and access video-based work instructions via tablet apps. This eliminated a elaborate paper-based logging process and significantly reduced administrative effort. Daily progress and performance data can be tracked on dashboards and reports. Insights based on data analysis allows to continously optimize processes, benchmark sites accross the world and establish best-partices and standards to increase productivity.

Industry 4.0 at Stölzle Glass Group

Stölzle-Oberglass improved speed and quality of its setup processes through a mobile worker assistance app. Setup process in glass manufacturing is usually complex, requires operators to track many parameters at the same time and precisely adjust the machine. Through a mobile app, operators have access to instructions how to setup the machine, as well as to important real-time and historical sensor data on the entire process, helping them to decide how to adjust certain parameters. Operators can take better, data-driven decisions and walking routes as they have all information they need at their fingertips.

December Hackathon at the SmartFactoryOWL
SmartFactoryOWL hosted an industry hackathon with Actyx to evaluate a new peer-to-peer communication approach to inter-machine factory automation, replacing the high-level coordination functions traditionally performed by overlaid PLCs.
Factories can do a lot better by digitizing collaboration
Digital collaboration on the shop-floor offers the ability to fundamentally change how factories operate today. Read on to learn more about what this means and how Actyx helps factories to capture this opportunity.
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