Distributed logic made simple
Writing distributed business logic is incredibly hard. The Actyx Pond is a Typescript/Javascript framework that makes it easy. Beautiful abstractions and a powerful programming model at your fingertips.

Apps that always work!

Automation requires resilience. With the Actyx Pond you write code that always runs and apps that always work.

Distributed Event-Sourcing

The Actyx Pond provides you with a working distributed event-sourcing architecture out of the box. Don't worry about data management and focus on implementing your use-case.

Partition Tolerance

Apps built with the Actyx Pond framework are magically partition tolerant and always available. Worrying about outages of the network or individual nodes is a thing of the past.

Eventual Consistency

With an innovative time-travel algorithm, the Actyx Pond guarantees eventual consistency in the face of network partitions and downtime.

Factories can do a lot better by digitizing collaboration
Digital collaboration on the shop-floor offers the ability to fundamentally change how factories operate today. Read on to learn more about what this means and how Actyx helps factories to capture this opportunity.
December Hackathon at the SmartFactoryOWL
SmartFactoryOWL hosted an industry hackathon with Actyx to evaluate a new peer-to-peer communication approach to inter-machine factory automation, replacing the high-level coordination functions traditionally performed by overlaid PLCs.
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