Multi-Node Operating System
ActyxOS is software that magically turns your network of edge devices into a collaborative software system. Without servers, without databases.

Computing, decentralized!

ActyxOS is built on a new kind of architecture. One that is simple, yet powerful, performant, yet safe, shared, yet resilient.


Apps on ActyxOS run on a mesh of inter-connected nodes. Computation happens exactly where it should. There are no intermediaries. There are no single points-of-failure. This means performance, flexibility and resilience.

Batteries included

ActyxOS takes care not only of running apps, but also of sharing and storing data in the mesh network. This means real-time communication and persistent storage without databases or message buses.

Distributed business logic across multiple nodes

Share data between nodes in the mesh in real-time

Store events and blobs in the mesh to access later

Easily deploy and monitor apps and the mesh as a whole

December Hackathon at the SmartFactoryOWL
SmartFactoryOWL hosted an industry hackathon with Actyx to evaluate a new peer-to-peer communication approach to inter-machine factory automation, replacing the high-level coordination functions traditionally performed by overlaid PLCs.
Factories can do a lot better by digitizing collaboration
Digital collaboration on the shop-floor offers the ability to fundamentally change how factories operate today. Read on to learn more about what this means and how Actyx helps factories to capture this opportunity.
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