A factory software platform—built for busy developers

Implement software-defined factory processes with a powerful programming model and infrastructure-less architecture designed for speed and resilience.

How the Actyx Platform works

Local-First Computing—a new paradigm

The programming model

Program the process, not the IT

The Actyx Platform provides a powerful programming model that allows you to program the process instead of the IT.

The local twin—a fish

Local twins are programmed as asynchronous state machines—we call them fishes. They consume and emit events, and adjust their state accordingly.

  • Design logic in terms of the domain
  • Cooperate with others using typed events
  • Define business logic as reducers (onEvent)

Built-in communication and persistence

Any communication between your fishes, or with other systems, happens only on localhost. Synchronization happens automatically.

  • Use the always-available localhost endpoint
  • Forever access events and historic fish states
  • Events and states are automatically synchronised
1type State = 'Unknown' | 'Idle' | 'Running' | 'Interrupted'
2type Event = 'SetIdle' | 'SetRunning' | 'SetInterrupted'
3// The local twin of a machine
4const MachineFish = (name: string): Fish<State, Event> => ({
5 // Unique ID
6 fishId: FishId.of('machineFish', name, 0),
7 // Where we start
8 initialState: 'Unknown',
9 // Event subscriptions
10 where: Tag<Event>('machine').withId(name),
11 // Business logic (event reducer)
12 onEvent: (state, event) => {
13 switch (event) {
14 case 'SetIdle': return 'Idle'
15 case 'SetRunning': return 'Running'
16 case 'SetInterrupted': return 'Interrupted'
17 default: break
18 }
19 return state
20 },

What's included

Manage factory software end-to-end

Using the Actyx products and ecosystem, you can design, develop, deploy and monitor factory apps at speed. Do so yourself, or work with one of our specialized application development partners.


  • Use-case examples
  • Design best-practices
  • Examples and tutorials
  • Expert partners


  • Developer framework
  • Event-sourcing paradigm
  • Developer help desk
  • Certified edge devices


  • Edge infrastructure
  • App runtimes
  • Remote deployments
  • EMM compatibility


  • Structured logging
  • Node & app metrics
  • Remote access
  • DevOps compatibility