Actyx CLI

The Actyx Command Line Interface (CLI) is a unified tool to manage your ActyxOS apps and devices.

Both app developers and system administrators need tools to package, deploy, monitor and undeploy ActyxOS apps. This Actyx CLI is a command-line tool that provides these capabilities through the following set of commands.

ax app:package

Package both single-page applications for the WebView Runtime and docker-based apps for the Docker Runtime.

For more information about arguments and options, please run ax app:package --help or check out the examples in the documentation for the two runtimes.

ax app:deploy

This command allows you to deploy a specific app—it must be packaged already—to a device, either locally (using the --local flag) or remotely via the Actyx Console.

Run ax app:deploy --help for more information about this command. Also check the guides for the two runtimes for examples.

ax app:undeploy

If you want to undeploy an app from a device you use the ax app:undeploy command. It will automatically stop and remove the specified app either locally (over the local-area network) or remotely (via the Actyx Console).

Find out more by running ax app:undeploy --help or by looking into the documentation for the two ActyxOS runtimes.

ax logs

With this command, you can access or tail logs from ActyxOS devices in real-time, both locally (within the local-area network) or remotely via the Actyx Console.

Please run ax logs --help for more information about different arguments and options. Also check out the logging page in Main Concepts sections and the Console Service guide.


Logs are automatically persisted on-device by the Console Service so that you can access them at any time.