Actyx in Robotics and Production Magazine: "Manufacturer independent App-Store for the collaboration of man, machine and robot".

July 1st 2020 by Maximilian Fischer

This article was originally published in Robotics and Production. Here is the link to the original article.

The production of the future depends on the collaboration of man, machine and robot. For the integration of all components to be successful, however, communication must work. Actyx has developed a platform solution based on edge computing that creates a framework that makes productions quickly ready for digital work.

The platform enables the integration and programming of interaction between people, machines and robots without much effort. Now Actyx wants to establish the first manufacturer independent App-Store for factory software. With the help of the first standard app on the platform, Alleantia IIot Gateways can now be easily integrated. The Italian software company wants to simplify the integration of industrial plants through the plug&play principle. This eliminates the often complex, specific integration of machines, plants and robots. In the future, further apps will be offered on the Actyx marketplace. This should also enable the integration of robot components out-of-the-box.

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