PERI rolls out Actyx software in international rental and logistics locations

October 1st 2020 by Maximilian Fischer

  • In the next few years, the Actyx solution will be used globally in rental and logistics locations of the formwork and scaffolding manufacturer PERI.
  • Since 2018, the Actyx platform has been in use at PERI, so far in seven locations in the EU, North and South America.
  • Actyx CEO, Oliver Stollmann: "We are proud that our solution is convincing and that we will soon be in use at other PERI sites".

Weissenhorn, 03.09.2020 - The digitalisation of factories is picking up speed. In a Bitkom study, just under 60 percent of the industrial companies questioned stated that they were using Industry 4.0 solutions, with a further 22 percent already planning to use them. The family-owned company PERI, one of the world's leading manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding systems with over 160 locations worldwide, is already investing heavily in digitalisation. The two companies are now intensifying their cooperation and have signed an agreement for the further international roll-out of the Actyx software in PERIs rental and logistics locations.

Actyx has developed an app platform which enables the rapid digitalisation of production and logistics. The platform is a toolbox for developers with which apps can be easily programmed for various applications in production. What previously took many months can now be completed in a few weeks with the help of the platform. The platform has a decentralised structure and does not require a central server. The software runs locally on computers such as tablets or gateways and is therefore an edge computing solution. The system is flexible, fail-safe and easily expandable. Machines can be integrated step by step and the system can be easily extended with additional apps.

Many different solutions can be build on the Actyx platform allowing to basically build Apps for every factory and every industry: From flexible production lines to intelligent workers assistance systems or quality control solutions. At PERI, apps run on the Actyx platform which digitalise maintenance and repair processes in the company's rental and logistics locations. The system enables the mostly manual activities to be digitally recorded using tablets and thus provides increased transparency. Workers are supported in the process with the help of data and specific digital work instructions and can thus improve their productivity. In addition, the PERI locations can determine their capacity even more precisely, plan better and thus increase their capacity utilisation on the basis of targeted data evaluation. The solution is already successfully in productive use at seven PERI locations. With the new agreement a global rollout was agreed upon: Actyx will be used by PERI worldwide in the coming years.

Dr. Fabian Kracht, PERI Managing Director Finance and Organisation, Group Management Spokesperson: "The rental of formwork and scaffolding material is an essential part of our business model at PERI. After being returned from the construction sites, the material must be cleaned and repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. With Actyx, we are now taking the next step in digitalisation and see enormous potential. The first successes are very convincing.

Oliver Stollmann, CEO Actyx: "It is always important to us to deliver a concrete added value and to make factories really more efficient. We are proud that our solution is convincing and that we will soon be in use at other PERI sites. By working with a leading industrial company like PERI, we are making a contribution to advancing the digitalisation of factories worldwide".

About Actyx The Munich-based software start-up Actyx was founded in 2016 by Oliver Stollmann, Maximilian Fischer and Dr. Roland Kuhn. Together they have specialised in leading factories to digitalisation. To this end, they offer an app platform for developers that considerably simplifies the digitisation of factory processes. In the meantime, the team around the three founders has grown to 25 employees. Their software is already helping 15 factories worldwide to optimise their processes and increase efficiency. To support factories even more in the future, Actyx also wants to establish the first manufacturer-independent marketplace for factory software.

About PERI With a turnover of 1.685 million euros in the 2019 fiscal year, PERI is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems. With more than 9,500 employees, over 60 subsidiaries and well over 160 storage locations, the family-run company with headquarters in Weissenhorn (Germany) serves its customers with innovative system equipment and comprehensive services for all aspects of formwork and scaffolding technology.

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