Solve business problems, quickly
Factory automation projects used to be slow and expensive. With the Actyx platform they become fast and cheap. Leverage that to provide an awesome experience and deliver outstanding solutions.

We are working at full capacity to fulfil the demand for more and more digital solutions. With Actyx, we are faster and can do more projects in less time.

- Marcell Polley, Managing Director at Focus Industrie Automation

Unleash your team's potential

Agile teams use the Actyx platform to deliver world-class factory process automation software

Delivery quality at speed

Allow your team to focus just on the process, not on the IT infrastructure. Actyx is a powerful techstack, that allows you to deliver more faster.

Start quickly, scale smartly

Don't build massive inflexible monoliths. Take small steps, solve one problem at a time. Our infrastructure will take care of scaling for you.

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What's new? May 2020 Release Update
Release update for ActyxOS and Actyx CLI version 1.0.0-rc.2
ActyxOS SDK for Javascript and Typescript released
Building decentralized applications has just become easier. Actyx releases a new Javascript/Typescript SDK for ActyxOS.
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