Use beautiful APIs and modern tools
Factory automation is hard. Today's tools sometimes make it harder. Our mission is to change that. We strive to make your development experience awesome.

I thought implementing this solution would take me several weeks, but thanks to the Actyx platform I was able to finish it in a few days.

- Oliver Assad, Software Engineer at Nordcloud

Build better, build faster, build safer

Experience an automation infrastructure that helps you deliver value more quickly

Forget servers and databases, just code the machine

The Actyx infrastructure is completely decentralized and runs on the edge. This allows you to build robust, performant systems without the usual headaches.

Count on beautiful APIs, ergonomic tools and great docs

We are developers ourselves, we feel your pain. We put a tremendous amount of effort into building things you will love.

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What's new? May 2020 Release Update
Release update for ActyxOS and Actyx CLI version 1.0.0-rc.2
ActyxOS SDK for Javascript and Typescript released
Building decentralized applications has just become easier. Actyx releases a new Javascript/Typescript SDK for ActyxOS.
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