Programming collaborative systems
for machines and humans

Machines and humans work together with increasing autonomy.
Their interaction creates tremendous value.
We give you the tools to construct this collaboration.

Horizontal communication in the shop floor

Working together

The smartphone has become your daily companion. So will the machine working next to you. For this, we must communicate horizontally with our neighbors, be that in physical proximity or when collaborating on the same task.

A decentralized architecture

Decentralized architecture

Compute on the edge
Business logic runs where it is needed, on the edge device; decisions are taken locally for safety, availability, and robustness.

Connect peer-to-peer
Data flows horizontally, applications sync automatically; for resilience, speed, and throughput.

A choreography for collaboration

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A decentralized runtime for running multi-node apps

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Actyx Pond

A programming model for building multi-node apps