Build the digital factory—at speed

Hundreds of developers across the world—from factory IT to service providers—use the Actyx platform to streamline workflows, build awesome plants, and manage factories.

The digital factory

Happier customers, higher profits

The digital factory is a journey. A journey with many different opportunities. All are driven by software, and all translate into real customer and business value.

Why Actyx

A developer-first approach to factory digitization

Build at warp speed

Developers build software. With a unified platform, we give them superpowers. They can build more, better, faster.

Start small, then scale

Instead of planning for months, with Actyx you can get started in minutes. Start, iterate, learn and scale — at your pace.

Resilient and secure by design

Mission-critical software must be 100% resilient and secure. This comes for free for any app running on the Actyx Platform.

Local-First Cooperative Computing

A new model for programming processes

The Actyx Platform implements the Local-First Cooperative Computing paradigm. This means fast development, no IT-overhead, no servers or databases, scalability and 100% uptime.