The Factory Automation Platform
It's the modern way of automating and digitizing factories. Build and run apps on a secure, performant decentralized edge platform. No servers, no brokers, no datacenter. It doesn't get more robust or more simple.

How does it work

I was really enthusiastic when I first heard about your approach. Everyone I told about this, confirmed that this is actually a much better way; a pure centralized approach is really non-sense.

- Marcell Polley, Managing Director at focus Industrieautomation

A technology investment that pays off

Companies choose Actyx to gain a competitive advantage

up to 60%

reduction of implementation cost

up to 6x

faster system installation

up to 90%

reduction in system scaling cost

up to 99%

reduction of downtime

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What's new? May 2020 Release Update
Release update for ActyxOS and Actyx CLI version 1.0.0-rc.2
Alleantia offers Plug&Play connectors for 5000+ machines
Alleantia makes integrating machines easy with it's standard connectivity App
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